Accepted submission guidance

Upon acceptance, you will be contacted by the Programme Chairs with specific information on how to prepare your document for inclusion in the ACM proceedings. Accepted authors will be asked to submit both their camera-ready PDF and the raw source (i.e. Word document/LaTeX source). This is required by the ACM in order for your paper to be included in the ACM Digital Library.

The deadline for submission of final formatted versions is Friday 6th of September 2019. We ask that panellists register by the early registration deadline.

The official publication date is the date the proceedings are made available in the ACM Digital Library. This date may be up to two weeks prior to the first day of the symposium. The official publication date may affect the deadline for any patent filings related to published work.

Overall process

  1. Prepare a revised version of your work using the final template, incorporating the changes requested by reviewers. Upload this to EasyChair by Friday 6th September 2019
  2. At least one author must register before Friday 27th September 2019, otherwise your publication will not be included in the Halfway to the Future Proceedings
  3. The Programme Chairs will review your PDF and communicate with you as to whether the requested changes have been satisfactorily made
  4. Complete the ACM rights allocation and update your paper
  5. Submit the final versions for publication to the publishing system. This needs to be done by early October.

Step 1: Preparing your revised paper

In addition to making the requested changes, the new templates enable you to import required indexing concepts for your article from the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS) using an indexing support tool found in the ACM Digital Library (DL) which generates the necessary TeX code once you have selected your terms (and generates XML for Word documents). The ACM requires the use of this tool to generate your CCS concepts before submission to the Digital Library.

Microsoft Word users will have to follow the ACM Master Article Template workflow to prepare their document.

We also request that authors make their papers as accessible as possible by including alternative text for all images and tables to make more of your content available to readers with visual impairments.

You should upload the revised version of your paper to EasyChair, where the Programme Chairs will review the PDF and assess whether you have complied with the template requirements for ACM publication.

Update from the Programme Chairs (5th September)

A note to anyone attempting to use the Word template: our website contains all the information made available to us by the ACM. Word users should follow the ACM Master Article Template workflow. This means you should download the Word Master Article template from ACM, apply it to your submission (details given in the link), and follow the guide in marking up your references accordingly.

Note that Mendeley users may have to convert their dynamic Mendeley references to text as the ACM macros do not seem to work with Mendeley's references.

Papers prepared in Word will be in single column, LaTeX papers should be double-column with the sigconf option in the \documentclass.

Step 2: Register

You can register for the symposium online. All panellists and poster presenters must register by the early registration deadline of 27th September. Please contact us if this presents any problem for you.

Step 3: Paper finalised

The Programme Chairs will send you an email to confirm your changes were accepted and that you will receive the ACM rights email and ACM TAPS (publishing system) links shortly. Please check your spam folders for emails from This will be a very quick turnaround.

Step 4: ACM rights

Accepted authors will be required to complete a rights management form. We will email the correct rights text and bibliographic strip that must be placed within the paper where required in the template. Please expect an email from [email protected] and adjust your junk/spam settings accordingly.

No pre-publication version may be put online or otherwise distributed until all rights management, bibliographic information, and copyright information has been completed and confirmed by the Programme Chairs.

Step 5: Upload your final versions

We will input all data about papers into the ACM TAPS system, which, as authors, you will then use to upload your source documents. You will be emailed with details of how to do this closer to the time. We ask that you complete this and the rights step above as quickly as possible. This will be sent at the same time (roughly) as the rights emails.

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